126 Rating(s)
Variation: Zest Apple | 2.5
Good quality products, my dog likes this brand. She likes all the flavours.
20 Jul 2022
By yoozooo
Variation: Zest Milk | 2.5
My doggie’s favourite dental chew. Highly recommended.
14 Jul 2022
By l*****a
Variation: Care Skin & Coat | 2.5'
Good! Love it, my doggo loves it more! Happi doggy seems like a good dental chew
14 Jul 2022
By bloodhoundcobra
Variation: Zest Apple | 2.5
My dog all time fav dental chew.
12 Jul 2022
By c*****n
Variation: Zest Strawberry | 2.5
My maltese lovr this treat, cut into small bites.
11 Jul 2022
By J.
Variation: Care Hip & Joint | 4''
This series, including the hip&joint that i got, as well as others like skin coat etc, are a little harder to bite/break off than the fruit flavoured ones.
10 Jul 2022
By y*****s
Variation: Zest Apple | 2.5
My dog loves this brand. Trying out different flavours.
09 Jul 2022
By l*****9
Variation: Zest Orange | 2.5
My doggy loves these chews. Helps her teeth and refreshes her breath too.
29 Jun 2022
By pigsinc
Variation: Care Hip & Joint | 4"
My fur kid love this so much, every time I gave him this he will holding it for quite some time, then go a corner to enjoy it.
29 Jun 2022
By dilysmummy
Variation: Zest Mint | 4''
Nice flvour of smell ,, my GR kinda love it
22 Jun 2022
By M.W