It all began with an unforgettable bad breath and a yellowish residue on Maxi’s teeth.

We love our dogs as much as they love chewing, but we dislike that poor breath as much as dogs dislike brushing their teeth. We all know that a dog’s health starts with the mouth, thus, we clearly needed a solution.

So, a team of dog-lovers gathered, researched, and produced a line of dental chew treats that are not only healthy but fun and stimulating! Doing away with unnecessary fillers and artificial ingredients, Happi Doggy aims to provide purposeful treats that not only enriches your pet’s overall well-being but to help them continuously thrive!

At Happi Doggy, we are committed to delivering:

  • All-Natural Quality: The best quality comes from the most natural ingredients
  • A Holistic Treat: Not your ordinary chew stick, Happi Doggy® is packed full of nutrients
  • A Health and Oral Care Solution: Over the years, Happi Doggy® has grown to be an essential part for daily oral care.