Skin & Coat

So yummy and nutritious for your good boi or girl! With anti-inflammatory and antioxidants, and rich in Vitamin E and Omega-3, your floofer can enjoy moisturised skin and shiny fur with our Honey & Coconut Oil Happi Doggy® Care Dental Chew!

Available Sizes

Skin and Coat - Regular 4

Regular 4”

(Available individually packed/in a 150g pack/box of 50pcs)
Skin and Coat Support - Petite 2.5

Petite 2.5”

(Available in a 150g pack)

Want Your Doggo to Chew on Some Flavour?

If flavour is what you are looking for, then Happi Doggy® Zest dental chews can help. Choose from 6 delectable fruity flavours for better smelling doggy breath and more chewing happiness!